Introducing AppleJack Gaming’s Third Game Release via Odobo - The Ante Engine

The versatile AppleJack Gaming is releasing its first slot game, the Ante Engine, to operators via our Marketplace. Other games available from this studio are an original table game and a sophisticated Baccarat classic.

The Ante Engine is an accomplished game that demonstrates the industry experience of studio founder, Paul Overton. It’s quirky, lively and fun. The game is a five-reel, three-row slot game that invites players to take the helm of the mysterious Ante Engine: a retro, steam punk gambling machine that comes complete with rivets and cogs. Experience the sense of wonder as it whirrs back into life with the promise of big wins. The characters include an endearing robot and his mechanical dog -returned from a bygone era.

The visuals are striking and accompany a strong theme and innovative features that serve to set this game apart from other slot games. The original maths model includes a ‘widget system’ that is seen in the game as ‘modifier bulbs’. These affect the outcome of a win and stay in place for three spins to increase the chance of a big win. Filling all three widget sockets triggers the ‘Autogauge Motivator’, which pushes the Ante Engine machine into overdrive, triggering a cascade of free spins with double the usual payout lines.

Tempted? Try it for free at


Unibet Customers Gain Access to Odobo Games

We’re pleased to announce our latest games distribution deal with Unibet. Unibet is a rapidly growing operator that is comprised of a number of online real-money gaming sites listed collectively on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

The new deal widens our scope for game distribution particularly in Northern Europe and Nordic regions, where Unibet has a strong presence. Unibet has registered customers from over 100 different countries and is one of the biggest listed gaming companies. It has a growing influence in regulated markets and offers local sites such as:, and

Because we ensure that every game developed for our platform can be distributed across all supported jurisdictions and markets simultaneously, the games can be rolled out without the need for further development. We hope that the addition of new markets via Unibet improves our offering and enhances our appeal to developers looking for greater reach and visibility.

Unibet stands to benefit from the growing selection of high-quality HTML5 game content available from our Marketplace, as well as advantages through our game discovery channel, Odobo Play, and exclusive game offerings such as: The Oddventurers, Gold Dice, Baccpo, Beat the Croupier and Poker Drop Riches. The deal is an exciting and welcome opportunity for both companys and Unibet’s customers.

Julian Jarvis, Chief Business Affairs Officer at Odobo, said, “Unibet is a key player that offers Odobo stronger distribution in continental Europe and access to a substantial new player base. This is great news for us, our developers and ultimately the players who enjoy these games.”

Daniel Eskola, Head of Products Gaming at Unibet, said, “We like the quality of Odobo’s games and the efficiency of its licensing process. We are always looking for innovative and diverse content of a high standard and are therefore pleased to be working with the Odobo platform.”

This announcement follows other integrations with bet365 and Betfair. With more operators coming on board – it’s an exciting time. If you’d like to join us as a developer or an operator, contact us at


Game of the Year Nominations 2014

We are thrilled to sponsor the 2014 Game of the Year at the eGR awards in London. Along with the title, the winner will be awarded the option to redeem £25,000 credit towards future game development and marketing on the Odobo platform. The package includes access to Odobo’s state-of-the-art technologies, which includes the Odobo GDK, sophisticated development tools, submission reviews, internationalisation services for foreign language markets, regulatory support and marketing to promote their next big hit to multiple leading operators.

In 2013, 20 games competed for six shortlist positions. The independent judges evaluated the theme, features, player experience, revenue and overall success of each game. Innovation often played a key role in deciding which titles made it through to the next round, with QuickSpin’s Big Bad Wolf claiming the final accolade.

So what can we expect from this year’s winner?

Looking at last year’s shortlist, there is no one common ingredient that made them successful; nevertheless, each game created a winning formula. These games took a bespoke maths model, blended it with its own combination of mechanics and came up with something special. The results tantalised players and kept them engaged. In the case of the winner this was for considerably longer sessions.

The only table game to feature was shortlisted for its immersive and true-to-life player experience. Slot game MONOPOLY PLUS was a phenomenal success being played up to 300 times a minute and Castle Builder trampled over any former understanding of what it meant to add achievements, level-ups and progressive game play to a real-money game. Super Graphics Upside Down felt as though someone had thrown out the rulebook, with its fresh approach and high value free spins literally changing position to increase the propensity for big wins.

With an increasingly challenging regulatory environment, it’s exciting to see these outstanding games coming through. It’s also apparent that developers are going to continue to find new ways to serve up compelling content - no doubt because of their hard work and dedication to gaming.

While we can’t predict this year’s winner, it’s an exciting time for online casino gaming. Odobo is proud to continue its support of the Game of the Year award and the developers behind the games. We’re eagerly waiting to find out what this year’s winning combination will be.

Criteria for entry:

The award is open to any real-money game available via a registered operator and will be judged on innovation, game quality, marketing value and revenue.

  • Open to all real-money gambling (RMG) games
  • Game developers and studios can enter their own titles
  • The game must be live and available to play as a RMG game with at least one registered operator on the date of entry
  • Only entries received by EGR before 19th September 2014 will be considered 

The shortlist will be announced on 7th October after which a panel of industry experts, including the editorial team at eGR, will judge the winner.

What to do next:

If you are a developer meeting the entry criteria and would like to be considered for the award, please visit the entry page at eGR.

Good luck!


Playson Brings its Successful Game Titles to the Odobo Developer Program

imageToday we’re welcoming Playson to the Odobo Developer Program. The rapidly expanding studio is based in Malta, with technical development in Ukraine. With around 250 employees, it has extensive game production experience in both real-money and social gaming. Titles such as Alice in Wonderslots and Lucky Pirates demonstrate the studio’s talent, high production values and impressive HD graphics, which appeal to an international audience.

Our Program offers Playson the ability to deliver its games content to players on desktop, tablet, and mobile in a single HTML5 client build. By making this process simpler, Playson can bring its games to more players via leading gaming operators, including bet365 and Betfair. To do this, Playson gains access to the Odobo Marketplace, which brings the convenience of a B2B ‘app store’ to content licensing and distribution. Via Odobo Play, game developers like Playson also have an additional opportunity to take an active role in the promotion of its games with gaming operators and gain access to an additional new revenue stream from player referrals.

Julian Jarvis, Head of Legal and Business Affairs at Odobo, said, “Playson is a successful studio with a number of hit titles to its credit. The fact that the team has reviewed and chosen Odobo as the future of delivering their games is testament to the commercial opportunity our platform presents. We feel proud of this achievement and look forward to their first release.“

Adam Daniel, Managing Director at Playson, said, “Odobo represents a modern and sophisticated solution for bringing games to market. The tools offered allow us to provide our content to multiple vendors and millions of players via a single build. Through Odobo we are able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the biggest in the business and that is not an opportunity to be ignored.”

We’re pleased to welcome Playson and look forward to their first release. 


Inchinn, a Leading Lottery Provider, Joins the Odobo Developer Program

We’re proud to welcome Inchinn, a leading provider of Instant Win Games (IWGs) to lotteries in the UK, Eire and the U.S., to the Odobo Developer Program. Inchinn is now one of 25 active developers on the platform.

London-based Inchinn is set to bring a number of its popular titles to a wider audience via the Odobo Marketplace. Titles such as Invader Cash, Payout Pest and Cash Cowboy have proven popular in the U.S. as well as a bespoke Pinball game for the Georgia State Lottery. A single integration with the Odobo platform will widen the distribution available to this studio by providing access to multiple leading operators.

After finding success working for media clients such as the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV, the studio was approached and asked to provide content for Camelot - the UK National Lottery provider. Inchinn has made great strides towards changing IWGs for the industry by introducing new formats and arcade-style gameplay. This differs from the common ‘scratch and match’ IWG designs and delivers a more engaging player experience. This innovative player-first approach secured Inchinn’s place as one of the UK National Lottery’s leading suppliers within the first six months of embarking on their contract.

Lee Bowden from Inchinn said, “Today’s gamers often find the content on offer is either too simplified or too complicated. We build games that players recognise from the arcade and add a real-money game mechanic. Players have responded exceptionally well to the new formats and working with Odobo allows us to focus on the innovative elements of game development that drive our success and great game production. They handle compliance, localisation and provide state-of-the-art tools that will ensure our games continue to deliver over and above the industry standard.”  

Julian Jarvis, Chief Business Affairs Officer at Odobo said “As a leading content supplier to the UK’s National Lottery and a studio brimming with creativity we’ve been interested in working with Inchinn for some time. Its ethos is closely aligned with our own. We both value the player experience and look for new formats that fit with market demand. We know that Inchinn will react to market changes and produce content that increases player retention. We’re thrilled to list them among our approved developers.”


Odobo Game Studio Launches The Oddventurers HTML5 Slot

Wild Game Reserve (WGR), our in-house game development studio, has launched its first complete production slot game, The Oddventurers, to operators via the Marketplace.

The Oddventurers: Quest for the Bird of Pay is the first of many device-interoperable HTML5 slot games being developed in-house. The 5x3 game features 25 paylines, wilds, free spins and four interactive bonus games. A special multiplier wild is available on the central reel and can double line payouts while multiple bonus games offer greater variety at different win levels. For players seeking better returns, the game also features retriggering free spins – giving the potential for more significant wins.

The theme is a safari adventure and incorporates quirky characters with a humorous storyline – presented in a light-hearted cartoon style. Drawing on the team’s extensive experience Wild Game Reserve set out to build a game that really shows the potential of our extensive and bespoke tool kit.

Mark McGinley is our Studio Manager and has overseen the project from the start. We asked him to give us some thoughts and he commented that, “Our first production slot game has been designed to take the elements of social, casual and AAA gaming that the team and I love and blend them with the best practices we’ve seen in real-money gaming. The game is great fun and we’re very proud of it. While this is a great achievement, it has to be said that the biggest advantage of this activity comes from experiencing the developer journey just as other approved studios do. Throughout the process we’ve been feeding back to the wider Odobo team and helping to develop and improve the tools available via our Developer Program. This led to numerous developments that have enhanced our technologies and capabilities more than we ever expected.”

The WGR team that worked on this game is comprised of games professionals who joined Odobo from Rockstar, IGT, Konami, Popcap, Bullfrog Productions, Badoo, Crytech and Microsoft Games Studio. They joined Odobo to take part in next-generation games development for regulated gambling in HTML5 and they’ve done a great job.

Try The Oddventurers for free at:


AppleJack Gaming launches Baccarat Star Exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace


We’re pleased to announce the launch of AppleJack Gaming’s second game to market, Baccarat Star. The game is now available exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace.

Baccarat Star is the first version of this classic casino game to include a tableau, commonly known as the tracking table or board. The intuitive format makes the game appealing to newcomers trying Baccarat for the first time while the tableau caters to more serious fans of the genre.

Players can use the tracking board to take a more informed betting strategy via the comprehensive overview of results it displays. To guide a player, the board includes: a graph and statistics; Big Road (with Bonus Tracking); Bead Plate; Big Eye Boy; Small Road and Cockroach Pig. All of this information is presented per-shoe.

Baccarat Star also introduces an additional bonus bet option and incorporates symbols of virtue, grace and balance (such as carp and the Chinese phoenix) throughout the visuals. The bonus bet gives the option of betting on the value by which a winning bet will triumph; being paid at higher odds, this feature ideal for players chasing bigger wins.

This game is now available to operators via the Odobo Marketplace and is available to try for free play at Odobo Play.


Yoyougaming Releases Gold Dice via the Odobo Marketplace


Yoyougaming is ready to release its inaugural game, Gold Dice, exclusively via the Odobo Marketplace.

Gold Dice is a distinctive game with an oriental theme and is indicative of the unique innovation that the Odobo Developer Program strives to support. Nine dice form the symbols for this three-reel slot with five paylines.

Aligning three star symbols triggers the main feature, ‘Mystery Games’. The stars then turn to gold, each spinning to produce a random number from one to six – the total of all three dice dictates the number of free spins awarded.

Kevin Li, Managing Director at Yoyougaming, said, “We created gold dice to appeal to the Asian and European markets. What we ended up creating is a game with mass appeal, based on a simple mechanic, and a game that is immensely enjoyable to play. We’ve been impressed by how quickly we’ve been able to build this via the Odobo Developer Program and look forward to working closely with the platform on our upcoming games.”

This game will soon be live with both bet365 and Betfair. It is also available to new operators via the Odobo Marketplace and to try for free play at Odobo Play.


INTERGAMINGi’s Getting with the Program

We recently spoke to INTERGAMINGi about how Odobo is seeking to help simplify the game production and distribution processes in real-money gaming. This discussion led to further interviews with three of our approved developers. Each discussed their take on the importance of levelling the playing field in order to stimulate innovation within the industry. The article was released in this month’s magazine. To read the full article including interviews with Playson, Yoyougaming and Probability Jones, please visit:


Success at eGR’s B2B Awards


We are delighted to have won the Services Rising Star award at this week’s #EGRawards. It was a great event, which was made even more enjoyable by everyone we met and spoke to during the course of the evening.

We would like to recognise the team for all their hard work on making Odobo grow and come to life, the developers that make our program possible, and the operators for making our Marketplace vision a reality.



Jannio Selects Odobo for Inaugural Casino Games

New London studio Jannio has joined the Odobo Developer Program and begun work on seven new and original sports-themed casino games. Each new title takes the familiar ‘in-play’ betting format and applies this to a dice-based table game; bridging the gap between sports fans and casino players.

Neil Greenwold from Jannio commented, “We’re looking forward to producing this series of cutting-edge Sport Shotz-branded games using Odobo’s latest HTML5 technologies and state-of-the-art framework.”

Ashley Lang, Founder and CEO of Odobo, said, “Each of these game concepts has been designed to appeal to casino game fans as well as sports enthusiasts. Sport Shotz are delivering content that is entertaining and fresh, which is the kind of innovation that the Odobo Platform is designed to support.”


Vermantia Joins Our Developer Program

Vermantia is the latest development studio to join our #Developer Program. This high calibre studio will bolster Odobo’s Marketplace with the production of five initial titles, including the already publicised Candylicious.

Vermantia, based in Athens, is a well-established name in the industry with over 150 employees. The team has experience in real-money and social gaming spaces and the studio supplies content to public lotteries. This studio is well placed to deliver creative #games underpinned by many years of industry knowledge and understanding.   

We would like to extend an incredibly warm welcome to Vermantia as it joins the Odobo community. We’re eager to bring readers more details regarding the first releases so watch this space.


Odobo Expands Games Distribution with Betfair Deal

We’re proud to announce a new agreement with Betfair. This new deal will provide premium device-interoperable HTML5 games from over 20 approved developers in via the Odobo Marketplace.

Betfair, one of the largest online betting and gaming operators in the UK market, is the second operator to join the Odobo Marketplace. This represents an enhanced distribution opportunity for participating developers as they gain access to almost a million additional customers spanning more than 100 countries.

Betfair benefits from the 23 games currently live in the Odobo Marketplace along with a set of exclusive games commissioned from our approved developers to coincide with the FIFA World CupTM. Betfair can also expect more than 60 additional titles to be available before the end of 2014. All of this innovative content is developed using our sophisticated suite of development tools, which includes our Game Development Kit (GDK).

We expect Betfair to launch the first wave of games from the Odobo Marketplace in the coming weeks.

Talk to us if you’re interested in joining our Developer Program or licensing content from our approved developers.


Old Skool Studios and Yoyougaming Join Odobo Developer Program


Two more accomplished development studios have signed up to deliver their innovative games via the Odobo platform. Both Yoyougaming and Old Skool Studios have strong pedigrees, and will bolster Odobo’s commitment to stimulate innovation within real-money gaming (RMG).

Based in China, Yoyougaming is a well-established studio working with latest technologies, and with over 100 game titles already to its name. Its games have mass appeal and are built to attract players across Asia as well as Europe and other regulated markets. This results in distinctive games that are delivered with a quality finish.

Old Skool Studios is a small but dedicated team of seven, with incredible talent on their employee roster. Bringing over 40 years of casino gaming experience, this studio is relatively new on the scene, having originated as an outsourcing game development partner. With their focus now set on using that accumulated knowledge to bring their own games to market, Odobo is pleased to have offered the right opportunity for Old Skool Studios to realise their vision.

We would like to extend both studios an incredibly warm welcome to the Odobo developer community. We’re eager to bring readers the details of their first releases, so watch this space.


GIQ Releases New Real-Money Gaming Platform Overview


Gaming Intelligence recently approached us regarding an article looking into newer platforms entering the real-money gaming industry. They interviewed our CEO, Ashley Lang, and produced an insightful piece delving into the important similarities and the key differences between the companies they chose to feature. We’d like to share this comprehensive overview. Click here to read the article.